Community Ambassador Message 2018

Despite all the problems that came up during the past 2017, I decided to renew as Community Ambassador, so far, until 2018 ends. After that it is uncertain what will happen: I may leave the SWBFSpy Engagement Dpt. to become SWBFSpy Specialist, and pick a new Community Ambassador out of all the Game Ambassadors. I am not sure yet about this, though. This last 2017 was hard with all the lies spread by a community member about Led and me. The person in question, was a well-known player who dug his own grave to be banished from our community. This is probably one of the things I hated most from the past 2 years as Community Ambassador, but he gave us no choice. However, he claims to be building a Masterserver himself, which I never discouraged. Everyone should be mature enough to pick how and with who they wanna play. We could just write as many pages about him, the way he is doing with us, but, what will be the point ? Clearly he is not going to change his mind, and it doesn't mean, I'm gonna stop doing all I have done just because of him. After I became Community Ambassador I contacted all the server owners and told them: It is up to each of you whether you want someone to join your servers or not, but a major decision will require of all the community approval. Hopefully we'll have a great 2018 growing just as much as the past years!

- Anyder, Community Ambassador 2017-2018.

Community Ambassador Message 2017

I still remember when in 2016 Kalle announced he was going to shutdown GameMaster. I really had no clue on what to do, but my first thought was: We need a masterserver. After using Tunngle for a long time I thought we could not back down and play again through LAN tools. So I started sending messages to a lot of people to see if we were able to do something. After some days we got Kalle to help us set his masterserver on our VPS. With some help from JediKiller, and using the domain & VPS Led paid, we managed to get it working. Ever since then I have wanted people to play using SWBFSpy because it meant people will not need of any other tool to play SWBF1 or SWBF2. It was then that I decided to create SWBFSpy Engagement. I wanted everyone to know about SWBFSpy, and after receiving the Community Ambassador title, I felt like I could deal with all the issues that could come ahead. I have spent many hours working on SWBFSpy because these two games mean a lot to me. I know I will never see SWBF1 or SWBF2 as active as they were with GameSpy, but I will do my best to get as many players as I can back to these games.

- Anyder, Community Ambassador 2016-2017.

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